Page for applicants
The mission is “choosing your future through understanding yourself”.

The portal is intended for secondary vocational, higher and postgraduate education.

It is aimed at young people and all interested people who are in the process of choosing an university and college, undergraduate programs, specialties, masters and PhD programs. The choice of a profession and an educational institution is one of the most important tasks in human life.

The task of the portal is to collect all the necessary information about universities and colleges, specialties and professions of Kazakhstan for the applicants.

For the applicants
Catalog of universities, majors, educational programs and professions
For Higher Education Universities
High-quality creation of the content of the educational institution and its constant updating is important. The system of relations with applicants is in the process of choosing an educational institution and educational programs, website users perform various actions with content.
Help in choosing the future
Modeling the image of the future by choosing a profession
The choice of training in accordance with UNT scores
Choosing an educational program
Higher education news
Analysis of all the features of the chosen university directly on the website
The platform for distance learning is developing
Open online courses and lectures from the best teachers of colleges and universities of Kazakhstan.


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