Instrumental Performance
Цель специальности

Graduate students are prepared to carry out musical performance, pedagogical, methodological, and managerial activities, which entails the following tasks:
*creating an artistic and educational environment by presenting the results of personal activities in the form of a concert performance of a musical work, forming the repertoire of ensembles or soloists, building the drama of a performance, and advising on creative musical projects;
*Teaching music and instrumental art in different educational institutions;
*Discovery of musical potential of students, the level of their creative development;
*Planning the educational process with the implementation of methodical work, control activities;
*Creation of teaching aids and programs;
*Development of new pedagogical technologies and implementation of the most exemplary methods developed historically;
* Study of the potential of the educational system and design of developmental programs in the field of musical art;
*Conducting searches and scientific processing of the received knowledge in the field of music;
*development of creative projects;
*administrative work in the educational system.

Institutions with this major speciality:
Казахский, Русский, Английский
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