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Musicology is a science that studies music at a high academic level. It has many definitions, which have different spheres: from a narrow understanding of Musicology as the study of the history of music of Western culture to the broad field of musicology being a deep and comprehensive study of music, where research is conducted on many levels. With a major in musicology, students have the opportunity to specialize in an area that is within their interests and talents.
Some of the disciplines that help in the comprehensive study of music are cultural studies and semiotics, ethnology and cultural anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and even mathematics can help in reducing to the essence of music. Studying various aspects in the Master in  Musicology program can land the student in the traditional areas of music theory, analysis, and music composition. But other possible outcomes of applying different methods to the study of music can be interdisciplinary studies, including linguistics,  literature, theater, fine arts, religion, and psychology, creating a wide range of career options for graduates of the  Master in Musicology programs.

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