Training of teachers of vocational education
Цель специальности

formation of analytical and practical competences in the field of analysis, organization and realization of innovative artistic-creative, corrective-development and consultative activity, including the peculiarities of formation of artistic potential; -development of theoretical, practical and individual training of graduate students in the activity of chosen artistic-pedagogical direction; – mastering of new knowledge and skills of independent creativity in the field of artistic pedagogy – training of specialists with high level of professional culture, including culture of professional communication, clear-cut civic orientation, developed ability to implement teaching at educational institutions of different forms and systems of additional education, capable of performing efficiently artistic and creative, production and design activities; – mastering by undergraduates of important and steady knowledge, which ensure integral perception of world science, as well as the methodology of scientific creative work

Казахский, Русский, Английский
The main subject
Педагогика, Методика художественного труда, графики и проектирования
The level of education


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