Training of music teachers
Цель специальности


education, art, training, to carry out creative and organizational and managerial activities. – to ensure To enable undergraduates to choose an individual educational trajectory in the field of music education and art, to develop the ability to self-education, independent decision-making, the need for independent creative mastering of new knowledge; -training specialists with high professional culture, civic position, capable of drawing conclusions and making decisions on any issues in the field of that students mastery of humanitarian knowledge, skills based on knowledge of the laws of socio-economic development of society, the state language, Russian and foreign languages as a means of international communication; education in the spirit of respect for different cultures, traditions and customs; – preparation of highly qualified teachers of music, who have research skills and are able to perform independent research work (graduate work), for regular mastery and systematic improvement of basic knowledge of special character and methods of music education as the foundation of professional education

Казахский, Русский, Английский
The main subject
Педагогика, Методика преподавания музыки
The level of education


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