Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University
Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University
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Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University was founded on August 15th, 1944. The university celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2019. In 2018, by the decree of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. A. Nazarbayev, the university was awarded a special status – national, thereby confirming its focus on the training of scientific and pedagogical professionals .

Thus, the university became a scientific and pedagogical center for training women leaders in the field of education. The university is one of the leading developers and organizers of the national experiment on spiritual and moral education “self-knowledge”. The author of this project is the President of the «International Fund Bobek», S. A. Nazarbayeva. International cooperation of the university is implemented on the basis of bilateral agreements . Partner universities are more than 70 universities, including: Mississippi Valley State University (USA), Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University (Turkey), The University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland), University of Perpignan (France), Hubei University (China) and many others. The university consists of 6 faculties: Kazakh Philology and Foreign  Languages; Social and Humanitarian; Art and Culture; Physics and Math; Natural Science, Pedagogy and Psychology. The structure of the faculties includes 27 departments. In 86 laboratories, 5 centers, 1 research Institute and art gallery of the university, undergraduates in 28 educational programs and doctoral students in 8 educational programs conduct research. A special place among the existing centers is given to the “Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Correction”, which was opened with the support of the charity fund “Dara” and the assistance of the Department of Education of the city of Almaty for children with special educational needs. The center has 10 classrooms for both individual and group classes, a Montessori room, halls for physical therapy and music and rhythm classes, where university students, along with professional doctors, provide children and their families with professional services of speech pathologists, speech therapists, psychologists, conduct training in social skills, rehabilitation, socialization and communication. The university’s teaching activities are carried out by leading scientists and specialists in the field of education, culture, sports, art and services. The total number of teaching staff of the university is 556 people. The teaching staff of the university includes 52 Doctors of Science  , 200 Candidates of Science, 4 Honored Coaches, 3 Honored Artists, 19 PhDs, 184 Masters.

Иностранных студентов
Год основания
Doctoral studies
6В01101 - Педагогика и психология
6B01201 - учитель дошкольного обучения и воспитания
6B01301 - Педагогика и методика начального обучения
6B01502 - Математика-Физика
6B01503 - Математика-Информатика
6B01801 - Социальная педагогика и самопознание
6В02101 - Традиционное музыкальное искусство
6В03201 - Библиотечное дело
6В01403 - Физическая культура и спорт
6В02201 - подготовка учителей истории
6В11102 - Культурно-досуговая работа
6В01602 - История – Религиоведение
6В10201 - Социальная работа
6В01405 - Основы права и экономики
6B01701 - подготовка учителей казахского языка и литературы
6B01702 - подготовка учителей казахского языка и литературы в школах с неказахским языком обучения
5В012200 - подготовка учителей русского языка и литературы в школах с нерусским языком обучения
6В01703 - подготовка учителей русского языка и литературы
6В01705 - Иностранный язык: два иностранных языка
6В02301 - Переводческое дело
6B01506 - Информатика
6B01514 - Информатика и робототехника
6В01512 - География- биология
6В01509 - Биология
6В01511 - География-история
6В01404 - Профессиональное обучение
6В01402 - Визуальное искусство, художественный труд, графика и проектирование
6B01505 - Физика — Информатика
6B01513 - Физика-электроника
6В06102 - Информационные системы
6B06101 - Проектирование цифровых аналитических образовательных систем
7М01101 - Педагогика и психология
7М01201 - Дошкольное обучение и воспитание
7М01102 - Педагогические измерения
7М01701 - Казахский язык и литература
7M01702 - Казахский язык и литература в школах неказахским языком обучения
7М01703 - Русский язык и литература
7М01704 - Русский язык и литература в школах с нерусским языком обучения
7М01705 - Иностранный язык: два иностранных языка
7М06102 - Информационные системы
7М06101 - Информатика
7М01402 - Профессиональное обучение
Казахский национальный женский педагогический университет
Actual address: г. Алматы, улица Айтеке би, 99
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