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How to enroll in a university abroad? How much does it cost and what do you need to do for it? Do you want to get a diploma abroad that is highly appreciated everywhere? Learn English or any other language and meet people from all over the world, while gaining invaluable experience and useful connections in the future that will help your career? Alem Educational Systems will help you with this. We know that higher education studied abroad has always been a sign of prestige and a guarantee of professionalism.

About our company

Alem Educational Systems is an interactive platform, that provides a simplified service for students applying to universities and colleges located in Kazakhstan and abroad. We are glad to help all the people looking for an institution of higher education to study a bachelor's, master's or doctoral program, as well as learning foreign languages. We employ highly qualified professionals in the field of international educational consulting. Our associates have experience of studying abroad, are well acquainted with the process of enrolling in a foreign educational institution and are ready to take you step-by-step through all the stages of this process.

Services to clients:

Our experts guide the students in all stages:
• Choosing a country and then language courses if needed, or to directly study starting with a bachelor’s to a doctoral degree program;
• Select the most suitable educational institutions in accordance with your financial possibilities and skills;
• Paperwork for enrolling in an educational institution;
• Communication with the educational institution on behalf of the student;
• Preparing the student for an interview at the embassy if it’s required;
• Filling out questionnaires;
• Assistance in solving visa issues;
• Reservation of air tickets, transfers to the place of study and accommodation;
• Realizing the necessary consultations before sending a student abroad.
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International Educational Partnership Alem Educational Systems LLP invites universities, colleges and specialized language schools for cooperation. We offer interested individuals and legal entities favorable terms of partnership in the field of international education.
We provide our educational partners with:
• full informational support on our website;
• the possibility of joint advertising and promotion of programs;
• attraction of new clientsв;
• flexible commission system.
We provide our partner agents:
• full information support;
• consultations and search for additional information upon request;
• flexible commission system.
Alem Educational Systems LLP is actively developing. We are open to suggestions, joint implementation of profitable projects, we are ready to discuss different options for cooperation
For advice on educational programs, terms of partnership work, please call +7702 443 55 55, +7 700 770 56 72 or write an email to
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